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9:22 am
Written By: SCRAPcast • Filed in: Ramblings

Ok, so to get rolling, I thought I’d post a question on the blog.  I know that I’ve still got a good number of people subscribing to it, but since it’s been dormant for so long, not sure the response I’ll get.  Now is as good a time as any to get some comments going! […]

9:07 am
Written By: SCRAPcast • Filed in: Ramblings

Part of my resolution for 2008 is to GET MOVING & CREATE! But with that comes organization and purging. I’m not one to have a spotless home unless I know my mom is stopping by, but my craft studio CANNOT be messy for me to work. Granted, it winds up that way when I’m done, […]

3:06 pm
Written By: SCRAPcast • Filed in: Ramblings

I’ve been thinking about one little word for awhile now. And for me, for crafting, and for 2008, that word is CREATE. Yep, it may seem overdone, but it’s my word for the year. Ali has hers, and I’ve got mine 😉 I plan on creating my sanctuary, my craft space, mommy’s own little hideaway. […]

11:23 am
Written By: SCRAPcast • Filed in: Ramblings

Thanks everyone that have been sending emails my way regarding the show! I took some time off (whoa! a YEAR!!) to be pregnant and have a baby. Good news is that now the SCRAPcast family now has a healthy baby boy born on Halloween. As it turns out last year I started to create myself […]