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Thursday, September 21, 2006 - 2:14 pm

If at all possible … subscribe to SCRAPcast via iTunes (using either the regular or enhanced feed). The more people that do, the higher our ratings go on the iTunes website! We could use all the exposure and publicity we can get! Thanks everyone! 😉 We hit #3 in the Hobby catagory!!! Way to go listeners!
Show Notes:

It’s HOLIDAY time! Most hardcore craft vendors keep on top of making holiday items to sell all year long, and some really kick it up in August when business traditionally slows down. Personally, I never get started on holiday projects until it’s too late, WAY too late! On today’s SCRAPcast, we are going to talk about not only staying on top of the huge list of crafting-todo’s for the holidays, but how to stay ahead of the game!

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Thanks again to Abundant Forests Alliance for sponsoring todays show!

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