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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 - 9:55 am

I wanted to pass along a bit of extreamly sad news for me. My favorite local scrapbook store, Scrapbooking Moments In Time, has been by hit hard by floods from the Nor’easter that New Jersey got slammed with over the past few days. My heart breaks for them. No matter where I’ve traveled, what LSS’s I’ve been to, or even when I owned my own scrapbook store, Pat’s store has always felt like home to me. Please if you can spare 5 minutes, post a message or send an email to them. This picture is from the BACK of their store, at least 5′ of water. Thank goodness they were able to move most of their inventory to the attic/2nd floor, but the store itself must be drenched. A few years back SMIT was under the same flood danger, and my husband and I closed our store for the day and drove up helped them move their inventory. The flood missed them then, but they were not so lucky this time. SMIT really does have the best teachers and inventory around, I am just praying they can recover from this.


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