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Tuesday, January 8, 2008 - 11:23 am

Thanks everyone that have been sending emails my way regarding the show! I took some time off (whoa! a YEAR!!) to be pregnant and have a baby. Good news is that now the SCRAPcast family now has a healthy baby boy born on Halloween. As it turns out last year I started to create myself a craft room in a guest bedroom, but right after I got done painting it, I wound up pregnant and had to stop. After a crazy, but pretty healthy pregnancy & birth, I’m back in the saddle with scrapbooking. Of course it helps that I’ve got a brand new subject to scrap.

Pumpkin Prince

I’m going to be blogging probably more than podcasting in the immediate future. I have started organizing my craft room again and I’m making great progress! Part of the organization is purging out supplies that I will never use in a lifetime. If you think you have a lot of stuff in your stash, try consolidating down a 4,000 sq/ft store worth of supplies into your home! To help make room and earn some $ to get the podcast running again, I’m selling off items on Etsy. Keep tuned in to see how that goes!

As far as SCRAPcast goes, I’m looking for a local partner to do the show with. We will also be doing videos as well as audio shows.

Thanks again for sticking around everyone – hopefully 2008 will be a great year for scrapbooking!

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    Angik Says:

    I’m sooooo glad your back and congratulations on your new little one!


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