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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 10:38 am

I’m looking to expand out a bit in 2008. I’m looking for a scrapbooking/paper arts partner (female…gotta throw that in) in the Mercer/northern Burlington County NJ area that wants to be a part of the SCRAPcast podcast. If you think you can commit to coming to my house 1-2x a month (weekdays or weekends) please contact me! If you aren’t in my neck of the woods and are still interested in being on SCRAPcast, gimmie a shout! We can work remotely via Skype (techie gurus need apply). We will be aiming to record two shows a month.

For the show, I need a partner that can help with show ideas and projects, someone who is fun, outgoing, personable, and somehow understand my sick, twisted sense of humor. Love of chocolate is a must, as well as computer/digital savvy. If you’re coming to my studio, tolerance of my two crazy pugs and kids also a must. Non-traditional paper artists please apply! If you love skulls, martinis & glitter way more than teddy bears and paper dolls – PERFECT !

In person or via the ‘net, applicants must be fairly active in the online message board/blogging forums. Of course either way we will need to chat a bit and make sure this is something that we all can commit to, and samples of your work are a must.

While we are an unofficial non-profit (not by choice!) perks include international fame, a killer creative outlet, and regular raids of my 1,200 sq/ft supply studio (I DO stock about 250 colors of Bazzill Basics…)

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    Hey there…I was so psyched when on a whim I checked the site and saw that you had updated it.

    I know I’m MONTHS behind here since you originally posted in January, but if you haven’t found anyone, I’m super interested.

    I’m not exactly local (Connecticut), but I can give it a try over skype or if your not too far from where I am in Connecticut, I can take a ride down on a Saturday.



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