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Friday, January 18, 2008 - 9:22 am

Ok, so to get rolling, I thought I’d post a question on the blog.  I know that I’ve still got a good number of people subscribing to it, but since it’s been dormant for so long, not sure the response I’ll get.  Now is as good a time as any to get some comments going!

How do you find time to craft? Do you make a ‘date’ with yourself and schedule time or do you wait until every other possible to-do in your life is done? Do you craft solo or with friends?  How does crafting fit into your life (or you life fit into your crafting!)?

Right now I’ve got a 1st grader that is gone from 8am til 3:30pm and an infant that takes two fairly long naps during that time.  In theory, I should have a boatload of time, but I don’t.  How do you balance it all?

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    Lisah Says:

    Hi, a friend found scrapcast and immediately turned me onto it. Your add sounds as though you are talking directly to me. Yes, I am the one. The person you are looking for, I fit the description to a tee! I live in Monmouth County and can definitely meet your schedule. Please contact me so we can discuss our options further.

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    Dragonhome Says:

    I understand your problem – while all my children are grown, I babysit my two younger grandkids every day. I had to find a way to do my crafts (mainly scrapbooking) and still keep the house in good shape.

    First, I had to change what “clean” was. I use to sweep & mop the floors everyday (kitchen, bathrooms and front hall. I use to dust every day, do laundry every day, etc. People use to joke that you could eat off my floor, it was so clean.

    I realized that I was doing too much cleaning and not having me time. I was crabby all the time, felt rushed, sometimes on a real bad day, ‘’’I wondered why I agreed to babysit”. That was when I decided that the housekeeping and laundry can wait, my “ME” time is more important keeps me sane.

    I made two lists – one was a list of housekeeping chores that I couldn’t do when the kids were around (cleaning bathroom, mopping floors, etc), and the second was a list of what I could safely do then they were awake. Things like laundry could be started right after they went down, same with the dishwasher, etc.

    I took the first list, and assign days for each chore I have to do when the kids aren’t around. For instance, Monday – sweep & mop floors, etc. Then do the same with list two.

    Then I got a kitchen timer, and set it for ½ the time the grandkids nap. Now I start the chores that I assigned to this day that I can’t do with the kids around. When the timer goes off, I finish that part of the chore (knowing that I can finish it another time). Now I do my crafts (or reading, relaxing, whatever). If I finish the chore before the alarm goes off, I can either “catch up” on chores, get ahead on chores, or pat myself on the back and start my “ME” time.

    When they get up, I play with them; give them a snack, etc. At the same time, I fit in those chores that I assigned to that day.

    You said that the baby takes two naps, so I would do that day’s “no kids” chores in the morning and do your “ME” time in the afternoon. That way, if something comes up, you at least got the chores done.

    Good Luck, and hug your kids all the time & tell them I Love You. They grow up too quick – and the I Love You’s sometimes get forgotten – so at least tell them at bedtime that you love them. Sounds corny, but I did this with all 4 kids and they knew that no matter what they did or didn’t do, they would always get an I Love You at bedtime.

    Judy Perry
    AKA Dragonhome

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    Angik Says:

    Where do I find time to craft? I have two older children, but it still seems I don’t have enough time. I do have a monthly crop in my home, which gets me what should be 14 hours, but there is always someone new, so I’m always helping. I love it, don’t get me wrong, the faster they are on their own the faster I have more scrapping company…LOL, but I’ve also had to plan away from the house time so I don’t get too far behind. Usually it’s a weekend retreat, but recently I was able to go to day crop….that was awesome! I do find that in order to get anything done right now, I need to leave my home for uninterupted time, even though they are 19 and 17, they still seem to get my attention most of the time. (once the 19 yo is gone I get my scrap room back! YAY, April 1st can’t get here soon enough….)

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    KarenKScraps Says:

    Oh congrats on your new baby! And a Halloween baby to boot! So sweet. I almost had a Valentine’s baby 3 years ago (I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast!). It sounded like a good idea went I went into the delivery room. But as the hours passed…I just needed the baby delivered…I couldn’t wait 6 more hours!! LOL. So glad you’re back. I would keep updating my iTunes and checking podshow and wouldn’t see a new show–so concerned something bad happened. So happy to hear it’s good news and you’ll be back. I slowly crept through your shows because I didn’t want them to end! haha. Good luck and looking forward to your new shows!! Take care!

  5. 5
    scrapnstar Says:

    I have two grown sons, 18 & 22, one lives in FL but I still seem to be too busy. Now that the kids don’t need me, I spend one day every weekend with my Dad. My husband has his own hobbies and often takes off on little trips so it leaves me free to scrap but I’m so tired from working, sometimes I just veg. I actually took a 4 day weekend this weekend to scrap, scrap, scrap! My best friend is coming to craft with me for most of the day.

    It’s always hard to find time but sometimes I just get so stressed out that I HAVE to find time to scrap to find peace within myself. I LOVE it SO much! I like to make all my own cards too. It’s gotten to where people think I don’t love them if the card isn’t homemade.

    When the kids were little, I would stay up all night on weekends to find time to craft. I guess I still do that sometimes! But it’s worth it!!!

    I’m new to podcasts and I love your show! Man would I love to do the shows with you but then there’s that time thing again. And the miles. I have some great ideas and links for places to buy fantastic fonts and graphics for digital or semi-digital scrapbooking/cardmaking. And they are inexpensive! I would love to share my info with you if you are interested! I think it would be a great show. It really helps keep the costs down and it can still be archival. I don’t know why it isn’t advertised more. Sorry if you already covered this idea (I haven’t heard all your podcasts yet!)

  6. 6
    beckydjd Says:

    I found you as you were just going off air… and can’t wait till you get back. At the time I was new to the whole scrapbooking world, now, seasoned… I still want you back!!!! If you are ever at a loss for topics I would be more then willing!!!

    Some Ideas:
    Hybrid scrapping- mixing digital and paper crafting
    making a baby book
    Joining the scraping cult- how to find other scrapers, groups, ect
    How to blog your art
    And good old stand by… new stuff to buy (and new stuff that we don’t need), to include reviews

    Thanks for thinking about coming back!!!! I think a lot of people have missed you!!!

  7. 7
    Glenna Says:

    Hi, Looking forward to your new show. When will it begin. Thanks. G

  8. 8
    Dionne Says:

    I know how you feel. I feel like I don’t have any time to scrap. I get a snippet in here and there. I have a one year old who is VERY active!!!! I have to watch him constantly. Let me know how you figure it out because I haven’t. LOL!!!

  9. 9
    darlene Says:

    were do you find the time to catch up on scrapbook. I have no children just grands. I need to find some time, I am so far behind. What is a scraper to do?


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